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  • 2017/03/31
    Hu Jihua, head of Lequn village, surveys the land worked by members of the local cooperative. This year, the village has lost crops worth tens of thousands of yuan as a result of disease and abnormally hot weather. Liu Hao / For China DailyTwo decades ago, younger residents, mainly men, began to le...
  • 2017/03/07
    For years, winter meant two long, tough months for Xiong Hongfang and her family of five as they "hibernated" at home with nothing to do and no income coming in. The summer potato planting business that produced a meager return was dormant during the off season, and no tourists bothered to visit Xio...
  • 2017/02/24
    "Planting potatoes is just a pastime for my family now. The money we make during the two winter months that the hotel is open sustains my family for at least six months. I am busy, but happy," the 35-year-old said. The 2013 opening of the Yushe resort, the first of its kind in Southwest China, has d...
  • 2016/12/16
    Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of special reports that China Daily is publishing. The reports focus on efforts to eradicate poverty and raise living standards in the country's rural areas, especially among members of the nation's ethnic minority groups.When he was elected head of his ...
  • 2015/01/13
    Integration of coal-electricity-phosphorus industry. Great efforts have been made to enhance the equipment of key phosphorus chemical enterprises and their supporting facilities so as to develop and make use of phosphorus resources in an orderly manner and improve the availability of phosphorus asso...
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